Caution about the standard roof pitch, its slope length and the safety.
Standard roofing slope and length of its flow
standard roofing slope
4.0/10 4.5/10 5.0/10 5.5/10 6.0/10
length of its flow
8m 10m 12m 15m 17m

*These are standard readings for using Sanshu JIS roofing safety.
Caution for safety
”Need special costruction for clay roofing(Nendo-gawara). Consult with special construction service.
Icomplete construction may cause fall and leaky roof.
”Need special construction in specific area: the cold snow latitudes and windy area.
Consult with special construction service to use clay roofing in these area.
”Design based on relating standard specifications for construction.
Consult with special construction service when you have a special design.