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Request for your understanding of The products (The characteristics of clay
roofing tiles)
Roofing tiles are of large-Size thick products, mode of mainly natural cloy.
The ingredient component of the cloy differs, strictly speaking, depending on
The mining place, or not all clay is the same, even mined at the some place.
The row materials for the roofing tiles is not the homogeneous material for
industry, but of natural living clay. So if is not suitable for mechanization. Then
The roofing tiles ore of fired products, difficult to have scientific control.
Roofing tiles in Japan hove been produced for more than l,000 years but even
at the stage when the production Technology and kiln-firing techniques hove
been advanced remarkable and the mass-production has been realized, we
would like you to understand that "roofing tiles are Of natural materials mode of
natural row materials gand to acknowledge its special characteristics in

  • Delicate unevenness in color may occur, depending on the
    difference of ingredient of cloy, and the change of the atmosphere in the
    firing kiln, caused by the change of air pressure or weather phenomenon.
  • A little warp or unevenness in size Ore inherent to kiln fired products,
    which may case some clearances between roofing tires after setting.
  • After tile-setting, color fading due to sunshine or color change by
    sticking of dust may be visible but they would not affect the quality, function
    and durability as the roofing material.
  • Glazed roofing tiles may have crazing on the glazed coat, which is
    inherent to eathernware. It is not the crock of the body, nor inferior in the
  • There may be some pinholes or small dents, and small portions not
    glazed, on glazed coat. Those are due to bubbles in glazed and organic
    matters in clay, Which are fired in the kiln and changed to pinholes and scars.But they are free from any aroblems of the quality as fired products or roofing materials.
  • Smoked roofing tiles may change to blackish color as years go on, but
    it is a characteristic phenomenon of smoked tiles, and not inferior in the
  • Iron components contained in clay, located in the front surface of
    smoked tile, may change to spots of rusts by rain. This is not the deterioration
    of quality but temporary phenomenon at the surface of tiles, which will never
    enlarge or spread into the core of tires.
  • Products may be improved without prior notice.
  • The color tone in the catalogues or printed matters may differ from the
    one of actual products.